Availability Calendar

Weekly only in the on-season and mid-season.  There is a 3 night minimum in the off-season.

Cottage # On-Season
2 Weeks after Memorial weekend – 2 weeks before Labor day weekend
Begins week before Memorial weekend.  Lasts for 3 weeks(Spring).  

Begins 2 weeks before Labor Day Weekend.  Lasts for 4 weeks (Fall)  


April 1 until week before memorial weekend

(Fall) Starts 2 weeks after Labor day weekend until Dec. 1st

Cottages closed from Dec. 1 to April 1st.


Cottage 3



$900/wk – $185/night 

Cottage 4



$1000/wk – $220/night 

Cottage 9



$800/wk – $180/nt. 

Cottage 11



$864/wk – $193/night 

Cottage 11a



$600/wk –


$2400/wk $1400/wk

$900/wk –